Are Payday Loans Part of Your Relationship With Money?

Your relationship with money is often a result of how your parents treated their own money. Some young adults picked up bad habits and never learned to understand the negatives of credit card usage. For those of you looking for help from your local payday loan provider, you are probably experiencing one of the side effects of not understanding how credit cards will affect personal finances.

*Credit cards play a big part of credit scores. Good management and longevity are two key factors.

– Pay creditors on time.

– Leave less than 30% of credit limit as a balance transferred to the following month.

– Don’t cancel old accounts unless absolutely necessary.

– Use all cards in rotation. Make a small charge and pay it off. Use a different card each month to keep them active.

These lessons are rarely learned until it is time to climb out of a pile of unaffordable debt.

* Know the interest rates. If you do have to make a purchase and you know that you will not be able to afford to pay it off in full right away, use the credit card with the smallest interest rate. This action will save you money in the long run.

* Each time you apply for a credit card, the creditors do a hard inquiry into your credit history. This action leaves their calling card so every other company that has permission to look at your credit will know. Too many calling cards make you look desperate for cash. A hard inquiry will also take a point or two off of your credit score.

* Have a usage plan. Will you dedicate one card to gas and another for food? Will you set charge limits in order to maintain payoffs at the end of the month?

* Don’t bank of minimum payment affordability if you charge large or multiple purchases to run up your debt.

* Credit challenges create many personal finance problems.

– Interest rates increase

– More income used to pay interest charges and less towards principle

– Diminished chances of help from banks, credit unions and other creditors

– There are greater chances of needing payday loan providers or car title lenders when money emergencies occur.

When a child see their parents use credit cards for all their shopping trips and dinners out to restaurants, they do not get a proper introduction to money management.

They rarely see actual cash. Household budgets are not often explained and living within their means is a foreign subject. Children who always got whatever they asked for or never heard the explanation as to why their parents said ‘no’ may not have the best understanding of wants and needs.

Payday loan lenders see many people every day, some have children alongside. They come looking to get fast cash so they can get their groceries, buy gas for the car or even pay the rent. These are the lessons taught to some young children.

No matter if you pay cash, use credit or find an alternative loan, children need to start learning the basics of income in verses money out.

We need our younger generation to grow up respecting the value of money and have the tools to secure their finances early on. Don’t you want your child have low interest money opportunities when they are truly needed? Don’t you want their income to support their basic needs rather than depending on a payday loan provider or credit cards to make ends meet? Start discussing money early on. Teach your children the difference between wants and needs. Most importantly, don’t forget to include:

– Credit cards will cost money if not paid off right away.

– Examples of good money choices.

– Correlation between income and lifestyle.

– Bad money management increases cost of loans and limits choices of lenders.

– Real life examples of how they can turn a bad money situation around no matter how hard it is.


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