How to tacke auto loan debt with bad credit

Locating a car dealer that would be willing to work with you to provide a bad credit car loans can be a little frustrating.. However, if you do your homework, follow certain guidelines and are prepared for questions during the approval process, getting a bad credit car loans can be easy.
First, every American is entitle to a free credit report at least once a year. So check your credit report so that you will know where you stand. If there are errors on your credit report contact the lenders to correct the errors immediately.
Second, look for debts on your report you can easily pay.
If you have many consolidate your debts and start a payment plan. This will show the lender that you are serious about improving your credit to get a quick car loans.
Third, Visit banks in your area and check out there rates on auto loans. Try to get pre-approved to that you can be reader when you visit the dealership. If none of the banks are willing to work with you, visit your local credit unions. Credit Unions give better deals and usually have interest rates as low as 5 percent on car loans.
Forth, visit your local car dealership and ask what deals they have on used cars. Used cars are better for a bad credit situation because they are cheaper. Just find a used car that is reliable. Ensure that you dress format and business like. Car salesmen are human and can inject some bias in their decision making.
Fifth, if you can ‘t seem to get a deal from you local dealers then visit online where you have the opportunity to fill in a quick online application and have dealers compete for your business
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bad credit auto loans
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