What Is Life Without Payday Loan Companies?

Life goes on even if payday loans will cease to exist one of these days. Our forefathers lived with their lives without it. In this current situation, where conditions are volatile and make every one vulnerable to its effects and consequences, people should clearly have other options to solve their financial problems other than the usual payday loan or cash advance service. But or the sake of discussion, let us suppose that the U.S. Federal government finally has decided to outlaw these types of companies. What happens then? Here are some possibilities.

  1. People will need not march on the streets to recreate situations similar to Occupy Wall Street. But they will definitely appeal and ask their representatives to lobby for reinstituting this type of credit. It is also highly possible that in some countries, credit companies of this kind will be forbidden as well due to reports of exploiting the poor and the fact that some agencies will actually lead people to sink deeper into credit pits instead of alleviating their monetary predicaments.
  2. People will suffer financial problems with not much hope of payment because they do not have easier options when it comes to borrowing money. Due to worsening economic conditions in some states and countries, banks and other lending institutions will implement more rigid rules on credit application and more people will not have access to it. As a result, more people won’t be able to pay their bills, solve emergency financial crisis, and end up with bad credit ratings.
  3. One positive development when this scenario happens though is that people will be more financially conscious and find ways to make ends meet. In other words, they will tighten their belts further. They will resort to budgeting and savings to tide things up monetarily. Some will give up an expensive lifestyle or habits and reduce spending on unnecessary items such as junk foods, fashionable products, and sleaze magazines, among others. Many will also make necessary adjustments in order to cut down on gas such as commuting, biking, walking, or car pooling; lowering utility bills by lessening consumption of water, electricity, and the like; and cutting down expenditures on night outs, shopping, dining out, and travel.
  4. Others will be forced to use their creativity in terms of preparing food and recycling wearable clothes. Yes, recycling will be the order of the day. And with proper ingenuity and creativity, people will make use of their old properties and even personal belongings and reinvent them to accommodate new functions and uses. In addition, garage sale will be frequent in the neighborhood to earn more money and get rid of useless items stuck in the attic.
  5. Some people will apply for additional jobs with meager earnings just to earn extra money. While they previously spend idle time enjoying hobbies, without payday loans companies, they will use their time looking for ways to augment their income instead. In relation to this, a small home based business such as buy and sell online or freelancing through freelancer sites are good ways to earn additional income.
  6. Lastly, payday loan providers will not be deterred. Expect that a few days after the laws are enacted, they will still be back in business, and this time with another term to use for their services. They will innovate usual service description, rename their business, change the features, and redo processes, among others. Definitely, it will be the same dog but with a different collar.

It is really not easy to imagine a world without credit, specifically from payday loan companies. As mentioned above, people will be affected but there will be always negative and positive consequences. Adjustments will be made not only with people’s lives but with the whole credit industry as well.


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